Jonathan Rhys Recruitment was founded in early 2018 by Adam Pighini and Jonathan Foan. Although the business is young as such, we were built on years of experience with both founders coming from a well-rounded recruitment background.

Our team and client base has been growing ever since with a focus on providing skilled IT professionals on a permanent and contractual basis to businesses around Europe. With our team of specialist consultants, we pride ourselves on quality and transparency.

Making the recruitment process streamlined and personal. We bring a unique approach to the market, in which we focus on building lasting relationships with clients and candidates, helping both to develop with the perfect fit.

Meet the team

We want to help partnering businesses grow sustainably. This is why, we will give you guidance and support for finding the right person for your firm, not just the right resume. As part of that, we get to know our clients and candidates thoroughly, so we can be the match-makers for both parties and ensure mutual satisfaction!

Our team

Adam Pighini

Jon Foan

Kieran Dillane

George Harrison- Parrott

Kieran Wheal

Joshua Renham

Ethan Tyler

Rees Price

Jack Johnson

James Sawle

Ellie Minns

Freddie Chuck

Noah Townley

Kian Thorpe