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Our business recruitment services save companies valuable time on the hiring process. Streamlining the sourcing, screening and selection process, our dedicated team of consultants deliver only the best talent to clients.

As a specialist IT recruitment agency, we understand how important it is to present your company in the best light. When we form new partnerships, we take the time to understand your business goals, your values and consumer markets.

We have a strict and proven process that is followed before a CV finds its way into our client’s inbox.

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Business recruitment services

Selecting the best talent for your business

We search high and low for the best talent in the European market. Often, we lean on our extensive network, built over many years, for inside information on who’s top of their field.

Our talent pool is vast, so we can deliver talent in a short period of time. Utilising our GDPR compliant database, we regularly communicate job opportunities to candidates looking for work. We also use various recruitment strategies and LinkedIn licenses to unearth passive candidates – who usually go under the radar!

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Finding the perfect match

We don’t just know the science of recruitment, but we have developed a formula that we believe masters the art of the job.

As part of our client service, we conduct pre-screen calls to verify a candidates suitability for the position. We also want to understand their motivations to change job, desired salary, and role expectations so that we can match IT professionals to their ideal role.

Our consultants dive a little deeper to understand a candidates values and career goals and match them to companies that share similar goals. We believe this is beneficial for both parties in achieving long term success.

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Building sustainable relationships

Our business recruitment services don’t just stop once a candidate is hired. As your long term overseas partner, we’ll be there to provide expert advice and support to help drive positive results.

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