We’re addressing common myths and misconceptions about external recruitment agencies. Here at Jonathan Rhys, we’re delivering you the facts about how we work and what you can expect when you partner with us.

Myth 1: Recruitment agencies charge candidates for their services.

Recruitment agencies are paid by the companies that hire them to find suitable candidates for their open positions.

The advice and support that we give job seekers is absolutely free. This is because we want to get you feeling prepared and confident about your interview to maximise your chances of getting that job offer!

Myth 2: Recruiters don’t understand the roles they’re hiring for.

Unfortunately there are some recruiters out there who get by on basic knowledge of the role they’re recruiting for. They give generic advice which tends to give little value to candidates preparing for job interviews.

At Jonathan Rhys Recruitment, we work closely with hiring managers to understand job requirements, hard skills, industry terms and trends so that we can engage in meaningful discussions with candidates about technical aspects.

Our in-depth industry knowledge enables us to guide candidates on certain career paths or highlight development opportunities to help them stay relevant in evolving tech landscapes.

We also consider cultural fit when evaluating candidates. As finding professionals who align with the company’s values and work environment will create a platform for long term career success.

Myth 3: Recruiters only care about candidates with extensive experience.

We help fill positions at all levels within the European technology sector, from Computer Science graduates through to Senior Engineers. (Check out our latest jobs in technology).

When we’re actively seeking candidates, we look at potential, transferable skills, and attitude, as these factors contribute to a diverse and dynamic workforce.

Myth 4: Recruiters only pass around CV’s. They don’t provide value.

We offer free advice and valuable insights to candidates to help them present themselves effectively and navigate the tech hiring landscape.

Our consultants regularly help with:

  • CV writing – enhance appeal to employers and pass automated Applicant Tracking Systems.
  • Interview preparation – sharing information about the full interview process, so that candidates know what to expect and can prepare accordingly.
  • Salary advice – managing expectations through smart recommendations, based on industry benchmarks, work experience and skill set.

…And more!

Myth 5: Recruiters are only interested in filling roles quickly.

While speed is important, we prioritise finding the right fit for both the candidate and the company.

We not only aim to align your technical skills with the demands of the job, we also look at cultural fit. We want to help create a harmonious and collaborative working environment, so aligning your values and goals with that of the business is important.

Our consultants can also identify opportunities for professional development, based on their industry knowledge and your current skills, to help you stay relevant in an evolving landscape.

We want to maintain long-lasting relationships with both our candidates and clients. Therefore, we focus matching candidates to roles and businesses where they can thrive and achieve their career aspirations. Delivery of quality candidates helps our business clients overcome skill gaps and build a stronger workforce.

Myth 6: Recruiters have no influence in the hiring process.

For businesses, recruiters play a pivotal role in shaping the hiring process. We aim to positively influence employee retention rates and business development by streamlining the hiring process to improve efficiency and cost.