We need to maintain employee trust over profit

During this time we found that many companies have put their recruitment efforts on hold, leaving us with 60% fewer vacancies than we would usually take on as a business. Now more than ever, it is crucially important to ensure that our candidates stand out from the crowd. As we are all affected by this crisis, we take personal pride in achieving the best outcome for both parties.

We believe that this international slow-down of business has however offered a new opportunity for engagement on a more honest and personal level. We are using this time to get to know our clients and candidates and understand what their long-term ambitions and plans look like and we invite everyone to do the same!

There will undoubtedly be a shift in perspective when we come out on the other side of this. Companies will be remembered for what they have done to support and develop their staff and employees will be thanked for making small personal sacrifices to help their firm's journey through Covid19. But more than anything, there will be more focus on stability within businesses than ever before. This is why, at a time like this we want to ensure as much security as possible for anyone that we are placing in a new position. Similarly, we aim to give our clients a choice of candidates who will help their business navigate through this phase with their skills and dedication.

So if you, like many others feel anxious about your employment or want to have an open conversation about what your next steps may look like, we encourage you to contact us and follow our LinkedIn for industry updates. This is foreign territory for everyone, so let's connect and help one another!