Careers in Recruitment

A career in recruitment offers substantial rewards without the need for formal qualifications. In this dynamic industry, success is measured by performance rather than years on the job.

Recruitment agencies typically provide commission or performance-based bonuses in addition to a base salary. This structure has the potential to double your earnings. However, your achievements are closely tied to your effort and the quality of your work.

Here’s a glimpse of our career progression pathway and basic salary ranges when you join a local recruitment agency in Essex, such as Jonathan Rhys Recruitment.

Average Salaries in Recruitment in Essex

In this entry-level role, you’ll be assisting the senior consultants with various tasks relating to human resources and to the recruitment process.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Sourcing candidates with the required experience and skills
  • Screening candidates to assess suitability and cultural fit
  • Coordinating and preparing candidates for interviews
  • Handling administrative tasks

Expected basic salary: £18,000 to £20,000 per year + commission

Recruitment Consultants are responsible for managing their own portfolio of clients and candidates. We call this 360-degree consultancy.

Main responsibilities include:

  • Building portfolio of clients within target market
  • Developing lasting relationships with business clients by understanding their needs and requirements
  • Advising clients on market trends and actions to take to improve the hiring process
  • Conduct Boolean search strings to find the best candidates for the role
  • Screening calls with candidates
  • Advising candidates on CV format, interview preparation and salary benchmarks
  • Ensuring best outcome for both parties

Expected base salary: £18,000 to £24,000 per year + commission

Those that can maintain a strong performance may progress into the role of Senior Consultant.

Senior Recruitment Consultants have advanced skills in sourcing, screening, and placing candidates in appropriate roles and have more responsibility in the realm of business development.

  • Building portfolio of clients within target market
  • Advising on business development strategies to improve candidate engagement and employee retention
  • Negotiating terms
  • Advising clients on market trends and actions to take to improve the hiring process
  • Conduct Boolean search strings to find the best candidates for the role
  • Screening calls with candidates
  • Advising candidates on CV format, interview preparation and salary benchmarks
  • Ensuring best outcome for both parties

Expected base salary: up to £35,000 a year + commission.

As an experienced technology consultant, there’s the potential to earn £100,000+ per year working at Jonathan Rhys Recruitment in Southend-On-Sea! Find out more.

After a few years experience as a Senior Consultant, you may then be promoted to a Team Leader.

Main responsibilities include:

  • Motivate and mentor a team of junior consultants
  • Monitor all recruitment activity, ensuring smooth operations inline with company goals
  • Training and development support
  • Support the development and implementation of new strategies to drive growth and profitability

As a recruitment agency manager, you’ll take on even more responsibility, which may include:

  • Leading and managing the company’s recruitment processes, strategies and budgets
  • Identifying opportunities that contribute to business development
  • Ensure compliance with regulations, mitigating risks
  • Monitoring team performance, motivations, feedback
  • Performance reporting

The salary will certainly be attractive, and you’ll be receiving excellent benefits too. These will need to be negotiated.

Career Path Of A Recruiter

Want to work in recruitment? Wondering what career progression at Jonathan Rhys looks like? Let's take a look at Kieran's career story so far...

Kieran Dillane, Team Leader & Principal Consultant at Jonathan Rhys Recruitment


Kieran joined the company as a Senior Consultant

Billed consistently throughout the year despite difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Receives “Best Newcomer 2020” award.


Kieran was promoted to Principal Consultant

Took responsibility of bigger accounts.
Awarded “Recruiter of the Year 2021".


Kieran was promoted to Team Leader

Helped 3 newcomers progress from Resource to Junior Consultant.
Unlocked company holiday incentive for top performance.
Awarded “Top Biller 2022".


Awarded "Recruiter of the Quarter". Twice!

2024 Goal: Get promoted to Manager

What Makes A Successful Recruiter?

Jon Foan, Managing Partner of Jonathan Rhys Recruitment, shares what he thinks are the key qualities that make a successful recruiter.

7 Reasons To Start A Career In Recruitment:

Exceptional Career Development Opportunities and Fast Progression

At Jonathan Rhys Recruitment, we hold weekly training sessions to foster your professional growth. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced recruiter, our supportive environment and collaboration with colleagues ensure that you can expand and refine your skills. With consistency, hard work and dedication, you can fast track your career in to a senior role.

Entrepreneurship Support

Recruiters have the opportunity to build and manage their own client and candidate base. This entrepreneurial freedom empowers you to create your own success, all while benefiting from the unwavering support of our broader organisation.

Our balanced approach ensures you have full control of your desk while enjoying the backing of a dedicated team.

Uncapped Earning Potential

Recruitment agencies offer commission structure that can enable limitless earning potential. Your hard work and dedication will directly translate into financial rewards, providing ample motivation to achieve and surpass your goals.

Positively Impact Lives

One of the most rewarding aspects of a career in recruitment is the impact you can have on people’s lives. Whether it’s helping individuals secure their dream jobs or helping clients grow their businesses, recruiters at Jonathan Rhys Recruitment play a pivotal role in shaping futures.

Recruitment: An Evolving Industry

The recruitment landscape is continually evolving, and Jonathan Rhys Recruitment remains at the forefront of technological advancements. Our agency leverages innovative tools like LinkedIn to enhance sourcing and relationship-building capabilities.

Additionally, platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams facilitate seamless remote communication, making it easier than ever to connect with clients and candidates.

Cultivate Innovative Thinking

While certain aspects of recruitment follow established practices, the most successful recruiters think outside the box.

At Jonathan Rhys Recruitment, we encourage and value innovative thinking, as it sets you apart from competitors. Embracing creativity and fresh approaches enables you to access the best talent pool and deliver superior service to clients. The satisfaction derived from such innovative practices keeps you engaged and constantly striving for excellence.

Competitive Environment

The recruitment industry is competitive. We embrace it as a driving force for growth. A little healthy competition between peers fuels motivation and spurs us to excel. It’s the perfect environment for those who thrive on challenges and seek continuous personal and professional growth.

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