Since 2018, Jonathan Rhys Recruitment has gone from gone from strength to strength. The company is now in it’s 5th year, and we’ve got big goals ahead, from expanding in to new markets, to exploring new partnership and growth opportunities.

We asked Managing Partners, Adam Pighini and Jon Foan, to share their thoughts and experiences about the journey so far…

Video Transcription

5 years of Jonathan Rhys Recruitment, describe the journey in 3 words.

Adam: “I’d probably say a rollercoaster ride because there’s so many ups and downs and you never really know what’s around the corner.”

Jon: “It’s been bloody hard work! Day 1 we’ve had some big challenges, but to get to where we are today is unbelievable!”


What would you say has been the secret to your success?

Jon: “Hardwork…”

Adam: “Everybody is determined to work their hardest every day.”

Jon: “… And certainly sticking together through the good times and the harder times.”


If you could start again, is there anything (about the company) you would change?

Jon: “Personally, there would be nothing I would change.”

Adam: “Hindsight is a wonderful thing, maybe I would have done it a year or two earlier but I believe that everything happens for a reason.”


What’s the best thing about working with each other?

Jon: “Adam is a clean freak so I don’t have to clean 😂.”

Adam: “I think Jon is a fantastic leader. He’s not only a phenomenal recruiter, he also has this ability to bring others along with him and help them succeed as well.”

Jon: “Adam is very organised which allows me to get on with my job.”


What’s the most annoying thing about working with each other?

Jon: “The most annoying thing about Adam is the way he eats rice cakes.”

Adam: “Jon’s most annoying habit is his ability to ruin any song that comes on the office radio.”


Share a funny memory with us…

Adam: “When someone noticed Kieran’s car rolling down the road and seeing him run down three flights of stairs to try and get to his car before it hit the fence. He forgot to put his handbrake on when he arrived in the morning!”


Where do you see Jonathan Rhys Recruitment in 5 years time?

Adam: “I hope in 5 years from now we are still in a really healthy position as a company and that we have retained all of the great characters that we have working for us today. Hopefully we would have grown a bit and added several new consultants to the team.”

Jon: “At the moment it is important that we are consistent in what we do in our current markets, and hopefully we would have explored new markets.”