Partner and Managing Director Adam Pighini explains the company vision for Jonathan Rhys in 2022.

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How was 2021 for the company?

“2021 was a really successful year for the company. We had some amazing individual achievements but I think that maybe our biggest achievement was the fact that we were able to grow and bring through some young consultants, who had very limited experience before joining us, within recruitment.

We had three individuals who were able to achieve their first promotion within six months, so it does show that not only have we got some great individual talent but it also shows that as a company, we are able to help people develop and kick start their recruitment careers, which I think really important for the growth of Jonathan Rhys Recruitment.”

What is the company vision for 2022?

Organic growth and emphasising a low staff turnover

“Organic growth and emphasising a low staff turnoverFor 2022, Jon and I have set out a bit of a plan to grow the company. Although, we do want to do this organically and we want to do this in the right way. We’re very conscious not to have a high staff turnover to ensure that everyone we bring into the business, comes in with the idea of genuinely being here for the long-term, and progressing their career within this company.

We want to get the sales floor that we have, filled up. We’ve got capacity for twenty people at the moment. Currently, there are twelve consultants on the floor, and the idea would be that hopefully by the end of this year, we have eighteen to twenty consultants on the floor, that are all more than capable of looking after customers and delivering to our accounts.”

Can you tell us more about the roles currently available within the team?

“We’re hiring across the board for multiple positions. We are looking for people that want to kickstart their recruitment career, perhaps looking at graduates who are a little unsure about the direction to take their career or people who have worked within sales, who want to be rewarded better for their effort.

Furthermore, we’re looking for experienced consultants who we feel that there is a real gap in the market for. People that want an opportunity that can give them all the financial rewards that they would expect to see in London, but they’re closer to home. More importantly, the ability to cut costs of extensive travel, and achieve a better work/life balance.”

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