Recruitment Consultant Ellie Minns gives us an overview of the training provided by Jonathan Rhys.

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Hi, my name’s Ellie and I’m a Consultant at Jonathan Rhys Recruitment.

In regards to training, what happened when you first joined? 

So, before my first day at Jonathan Rhys, Adam kindly sent me over some key points, that I could do some revision on so that I was familiar with the basics of the IT industry.

From my first day onwards, Adam provided extensive 1-2-1 training sessions but broken down into short sessions, so that I wasn’t bombarded with too much information at once. He would then build on this each session, always relaying questions back to me, so that he could ensure that I understood what we were going through.

How did the training benefit you personally?

If it wasn’t for the training that Jonathan Rhys provided, some aspects of the role could have seemed really daunting or complicated but with each session, breaking it down into simple steps, I was then able to digest all of this information and then put my own twist on things when I went back to my desk to work.

What advice would you give anyone looking to join?

Regardless of your recruitment experience, if any, with the simplistic training that Jonathan Rhys provides, you’ll be on the right step to success from the very first day of joining, and then the training is always there whenever you need it, regardless of how long you’ve been at the company for.