If your LinkedIn profile or mailbox is overloaded with job offers, congratulations! You’re lucky enough to be working in a high-demand profession, where bigger and better opportunities await! However, the daily spam of irrelevant job offers from recruiters can quickly turn excitement in to dread.

Whether you’re actively seeking tech jobs in Europe, or a passive candidate open to new opportunities, here are some valuable tips to optimise your LinkedIn profile and get matched to jobs that are worth considering.

Tip 1: Clearly state your career goals and preferences

Your LinkedIn “about” section and CV should clearly articulate your career goals, expertise, and expectations.

Your current job titles helps specify who you are as a professional and the level of experience you have, however you should also include a desired job title to highlight your career prospects.

Summarise your work experience and highlight skills that are relevant to the role that you’re after.  If you’re open to learning new technologies or transitioning to a different role, include this in your “about” section too.

By being precise and clear, you’ll help recruiters understand your interests and significantly reduce non-relevant offers.

Tip 2: Use relevant industry keywords and skills

Skills-based hiring is growing in popularity. Enhance both your LinkedIn profile and CV with keywords specific to your role and the tech industry. Incorporating these keywords will help recruiters match you with opportunities that align with your skills and services.

This practice boosts the chances of your CV being recognised by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) too!

Check out our other articles: CV tips to help you stand out, and download our free ATS-friendly CV template.

Tip 3: Manage LinkedIn messaging settings

Control the volume of messages from recruiters by customising your LinkedIn contact preferences.

Disable InMails and Sponsored messages in your LinkedIn Security & Privacy settings, which will limit outreach from recruiters who are not your 1st-degree connections. By doing this, only relevant recruiters with whom you’ve connected can contact you directly.

Tip 4: Use a dedicated email address for job search

To keep your private and professional inboxes organised, create a dedicated email address exclusively for your job search. This way, all job-related notifications and messages will be centralised, making it easier to manage and respond to relevant opportunities efficiently.

Tip 5: Keep your profiles updated and signal your preferences

Our last tip is obvious but yet so many people fail to do this – maintain up-to-date profiles on LinkedIn and other relevant job boards. If you’re not interested in receiving job offers from recruiters at a certain time, make it clear on your LinkedIn profile.

Disable the #OpenToWork feature, express your current contentment in your “about” section, update your job-seeking preferences, and consider temporarily removing your CV from job boards.


By implementing these tips and utilising relevant keywords, you’ll enhance your chances of attracting recruiters offering tech jobs in Europe, while also filtering out the irrelevant offers from recruitment agencies. Good luck with your job search!

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